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Close 545. P. O.Box 2009
Catholic Institute, Blantyre City, Blantyre, Southern,
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Introduction to Gold Mountain Media Ltd.

The consumer is getting more demanding each and every day, their needs are increasing and so is the product and service offering. The consumer is demanding more information to make an informed buying decision. It is from this background that Gold Mountain Media Limited was founded. With a combined experience in the advertising, marketing, retail and media sector that exceeds twenty five years, the founders of the company so it fit to be more closer to the consumer when it comes to communication. The first thing that came up was direct retail communication or Point of Sale Advertising.

With more than 75% of buying decision being made at point of purchase, In-Store Radio platform become the most relevant form media to influence that buying decision into a more informed one. GOLD MOUNTAIN MEDIA LTD was founded in November 2011 and an exclusive contract was signed with PTC to install in-store radio within their retail network nation-wide with the aim of informing, entertaining and educating the consumer as they shop.

Our first in-store radio went up in April 2012 and since then we have managed to install this platform in four Metro stores and one Peoples store. We at Gold Mountain Media Ltd thrive everyday to make sure that we create a conducive platform for the consumer and supplier to meet.

We have also introduced Shopping Mall/Centre Radio platform whereby people who visits these shopping malls are kept informed and entertained. Our initial project is with Chichiri Shopping Centre through Broll Malawi who are the property managers of the Shopping Centre. Our growth plan is to make sure that all the shopping malls in the country provide an informative platform on which messages from different stores and amenities within these complexes are relayed to the visitors and those conducting their shopping.

From the corporate governance angle of the business, the company has got a full board of directors who are responsible for policy & strategy formulation as well as ensuring that the company is on course in meeting its goals and objectives.

In conclusion we would like to thank the following clients who believed in us from day one and have been running their campaigns with us on this In-Store Radio platform:

- Rabs Processors
- Health & Beauty Products
- Universal Industries
- National Bank of Malawi
- Robray
- Alford Hill
- Sothern Bottlers
- Carlsberg
- Naturals (Khathi-Khathi Malambe Juice)
- Bowler Beverages
- Ori Meat Products
- Blantyre Water Board
- Nali Group of Companies
- Smile Life Insurance
- Mzuzu Coffee

Hours of Work
Mon - Fri
7:30am - 5:00pm